Its function as a planting medium to replace soil, cocopeat has several advantages compared to other planting media. These benefits include:

1. Eco-Friendly

Coconut husk is an organic material so it is environmentally friendly and can be degraded in the soil when it is not used. After being used, cocopeat can also be recycled and used again after being processed first.

2. Easy to Use

This planting medium is very suitable for beginners who are just learning hydroponic plant cultivation, because of its texture and shape that resembles soil, so it is easy to use. In addition, the maintenance is also relatively easy compared to other growing media.

3. Able to Absorb Water

Because it uses the basic material of husk, this planting medium has a fairly good water absorption capacity, which is up to 10 times. The water capacity is also more than the capacity of the soil so that the plant roots do not dry out easily and avoid dehydration. Therefore, watering plants should be done less often so that plant roots do not rot quickly.

4. More Durable

In addition to its long-term and durable use, cocopeat can also protect plants from pests because pests that come from the soil do not like to be in this planting medium.

5. The Texture Resembles Soil

Even though it has a texture that resembles soil and makes plants easy to adapt well, to grow using this coco fiber planting medium, you need to provide a nutrient solution because there are no nutrients in it.

6. Other Benefits

Besides being used for planting media, other benefits are that it can be used as a medium for worm livestock, fuel for coal manufacture and raw material for making furniture.