Coconut shell charcoal (Briquettes) is a good charcoal for fuel.

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Various uses of activated charcoal

This versatile substance is not only able to bind and remove toxins in the body. There are various other benefits that you can get. These benefits are listed below.
1. Whiten teeth

Your teeth will turn yellow if you smoke and drink coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages frequently. Activated charcoal is able to restore the natural color of bright teeth while maintaining oral health. This substance serves to balance the acidity in the mouth, prevent cavities, repel bad breath, and relieve gum disease.

Wet your toothbrush and apply it to the activated charcoal powder. Brush your teeth as usual, especially on areas that are yellow or stubbornly stained. Gargle thoroughly and make sure you drink enough water afterward.
2. Relieves flatulence and colds

A study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology proved that activated charcoal can bind to substances that can produce excess gas in your digestive system. These substances usually come from the food or drink you consume. You can drink one grain of norit and drink as much water as possible in order to speed up the process of removing excess fluid or gas in the body.
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3. Deal with poison

The most widely known use of activated charcoal is to detoxify. No wonder activated charcoal is usually always provided in the emergency department. To detoxify toxins, activated charcoal will bind to toxins or chemicals such as mercury and pesticides in the body. However, this antidote should be consumed immediately after toxins or chemicals enter the body, before entering the small intestine and being absorbed by the body. Activated charcoal will not be left in the body, so after successfully binding toxins and chemicals, activated charcoal will also be removed from the body along with urine or feces. Keep in mind that not all toxins or chemicals can be bound by activated charcoal. Alcohol, cyanide, and lithium poisoning are some examples that cannot be treated by consuming activated charcoal, so you should contact emergency services immediately.
4. Get rid of body odor

The problem that causes body odor or bad breath is due to the disposal of toxins and toxins in the body. To get rid of bad body odor, try to regularly take activated charcoal pills and drink as much water as possible. By maximizing the disposal of toxins, the body will be clean of various bacteria and the remnants of substances that can cause body odor.
5. Treating acne

Activated charcoal is also effective in reducing acne. Mix activated charcoal powder with two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and apply it on the acne-prone skin. Let stand for a few moments and rinse thoroughly. Activated charcoal is able to bind and lift dirt and bacteria that can cause acne.
6. Overcoming insect bites


When you are bitten by an insect, the venom produced by the insect will enter the layers of the skin and cause various problems such as swelling, redness, and itching or stinging. Immediately deal with activated charcoal before the poison can damage the skin tissue. Mix the charcoal powder with coconut oil until evenly distributed. Apply it on the insect bite and the area around it. Leave it on and reapply every half hour until the symptoms subside.
7. Clean the digestive tract

Without you knowing it, the digestive tract is usually filled with the remnants of substances or toxins that are at risk of causing certain allergic reactions if not cleaned. By taking activated charcoal pills, you can cleanse your digestive tract. This can help relieve joint pain, increase energy, and improve mental health.
8. Prevent premature aging

Aging is a natural and natural process that happens to anyone. However, some external factors such as chemicals from the food and drinks you consume, exposure to pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle can speed up this process. To maintain normal kidney and liver function from premature aging, cleanse all toxins and harmful chemicals by consuming activated charcoal. So after you eat junk food, vegetables or fruits that are not organic, or inhale cigarette smoke, immediately take pills with activated charcoal. 

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This coconut fiber processing product has high economic value so that its processing is very helpful for the economy of the coconut fiber processing community,
Coconut plant is a plant that has many uses from each part. one of which is the skin of a coconut called coir. The processed coir will produce various products such as fiber called coconut fiber or coco fiber.

 Coconut fiber has strong, durable and flexible properties. There are many uses of coconut fiber:
- The main raw material in healthy bedding products. because it facilitates air circulation. example for hospital bed

- Used for sound insulation or soundproofing materials used in studios to absorb sound for recording studios and sound system speakers.

- Progesterone production protection agent.- used in the food industry. It is also the raw material for products used in daily life.

- for furniture products. in seat and sofa cushions- Material in car upholstery.

- used in the agricultural industry. As a basis for adhesion of seedlings. and orchids. or substitute straw to cover the soil around the tree to retain moisture.

- To tee - off. Golf course to retain moisture. And to keep the grass green.

- coco fiber rolls are used as devices to prevent soil erosion along banks or dams and for breakwaters.

- produce a strong and durable rope alternative.

- Used for brooms and brushes manufacturing durable carpet and building exterior dust.

- produce coarse filters, such as Cote powder glue asphalt dust resin filters, etc.

- become light bricks. - as fertilizer material
coco fiber or coconut fiber is short pieces of fiber, chips from coconut coir and other waste from coconut.

We do the processing of coconut fiber independently by involving elements of the community, coconut fiber processing in Maluk is the only production center in West Sumbawa Regency which has high economic value while on the one hand the value of World trade for Cocofiber needs continues to increase.